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BTB Podcast! Episode 113: Ryan answers listener questions; Erin M. Jacobson on the Music Modernization Act

January 7, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: cd baby, copyright, Erin M. Jacobson, music modernization act, Spotify

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Happy New Year, everybody! This week, Ryan opens up the first Podcast episode of 2018 by answering listener questions about releasing singles and copyright ownership of sound recordings. “The Music Industry Lawyer” Erin M. Jacobson also stops by to give some tips on legal matters that indie artists should take care of now to start 2018 off right. Erin also talks about the recent Spotify lawsuit and the Music Modernization Act, a pivotal piece of legislation that will have a significant impact on how indie artist will get paid on platforms like Spotify. Find out more about Erin’s work by visiting www.themusicindustrylawyer.com and visit www.indieartistresource.com to get some great contract templates and educational resources.

We also talk about New Year’s resolutions this week. Do you have any? Share them with Ryan @ryankair.

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