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BTB Podcast! Episode 85: Music launches and good causes; Richard Chapo on building websites; Eurovision talk

May 15, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: 23rd hour, american idol, eurovision, music launch, richard chapo

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In the first segment, Ryan discusses a recent Hypebot article about friend-of-the-show 23rd Hour’s effective music launch. Find out about how building your music launch around a good cause can be a win-win. Ryan also talks about CD Baby’s recent acquisition of show.co and what it can mean for your music promotion.

In the second segment, lawyer and internet business expert Richard Chapo stops by. Richard talks to Ryan about building a website effectively and navigating legal pitfalls along the way. You can follow Richard on Twitter @richardachapoand you can find him on his website www.socalinternetlawyer.com.

In the final segment, Ryan provides his thoughts on the recent news about American Idol returning to TV. He also breaks down Eurovision with friend-of-the-show Elisa Melendez. You can follow her @elisarockdoc.

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