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BTB Podcast! Episode 94: Is Sony buying Tunecore?; Spotify sued; interview with Bobby Owsinski

July 23, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: bobby owsinski, comic con, r. kelly, Sony, Spotify, tunecore, verity white, will smith

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In the first segment, Ryan talks about rumors of Sony buying the music streaming service TuneCore. If this story is true, what does it mean for indie artists? Will Sony improve TuneCore’s clout, or will it infect Tunecore’s artist-friendly model? Ryan also talks about Spotify being on the receiving end of a nine-figure lawsuit and what it might mean for musicians as well as the streaming service’s IPO.

In the second segment, musician/producer/author Bobby Owsinski joins the show. He talks to Ryan about the potential TuneCore sale and gives his own insight on its implications for indie artists. Bobby is super knowledgeable! Check out his books, blogs, and podcast by visiting www.bobbyowsinski.com.

In the final segment, we talk pop culture. Friend-of-the-show Verity White lends her insight on Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the first female doctor on Doctor Who. Ryan also breaks down Comic Con (and engages in a spirited defense of Will Smith’s career). He also discusses the recent sex scandal involving R. Kelly and the broader lessons that musicians should absorb from the story.

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