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BTB Podcast! Episode 95: Getting your music in commercials; Tommy Darker and his Musicpreneurhub; rights databases

July 30, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: ASCAP, BMI, music licensing, musicpreneurhub, sync licensing, tommy darker

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In the first segment, Ryan talks about the platform Musicpreneurhub, an online platform where musicians can get their music and business questions answered by experts. Ryan answers one of the questions on the site about licensing your music for TV commercials.

In the second segment, Ryan interviews Musicpreneurhub founder Tommy Darker and discusses his awesome platform. Tommy is a musician, author, and entrepreneur. He talks to Ryan about how artists can create an effective music business model, embrace new forms of media, and build fan relationships at the individual level. You can find out more about Tommy at www.tommydarker.com and www.musicpreneurhub.com.

In the third segment, Ryan talks about music licensing in the news. He discusses ASCAP and BMI’s recent attempt to create a central database of music for public performance licensing, and the new bill in the House of Representatives that would create a government-run music licensing database where data on all songs would be kept. Those who license music and those who create music would all benefit from the creation of a comprehensive and easy-to-use database of music. But it is hard to create and one does not exist yet. Who is better equipped to create one, the government or the private sector? It is a tough question, and we discuss it this week.

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