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BTB Podcast! Episode 96: Music licensing databases revisited; Emma Stevens on crowdfunding

August 6, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: crowdfunding, emma stevens, transparency in music licensing act

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In the first segment, Ryan and Dave continue the show’s discussion from last week about the proposed Transparency in Music Licensing law currently in Congress. The law would have significant implications for indie musicians. Ryan and Dave discuss two important questions that are currently not clear: Who is going to pay for this database, and how will the government publicize this database to artists so that they don’t lose their rights?

In the second segment, folk pop singer songwriter Emma Stevens stops by for an interview. She talks about her latest album “To My Roots” and her successful crowdfunding campaign to help make it. Emma had a lot of great crowdfunding tips in this interview, including some terrific advice on creating effective rewards in your campaigns. You can find out more about Emma’s terrific music by visiting www.emmastevensmusic.com.

In the third segment, we have Dave’s Movie Minute AND Dave’s Metal Minute. Dave keeps things fun and drives Ryan crazy, both of which are good things.

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