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BTB Podcast! Episode 93: Spotify has fake artists? Soundcloud’s in trouble?; interview with Meri Amber

July 16, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: meri amber, soundcloud, Spotify

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In the first segment, Ryan breaks down recent news involving Spotify and the rumors that the streaming service is creating fake artist accounts and diverting royalties away from artists. Is it true? What can artists do about it? And is Spotify’s whole funding model the real problem? Also, Ryan talks about SoundCloud’s recent financial troubles and what artists can be doing to protect themselves.

In the second and third segment, Ryan talks with one of his favorite guests, Australia-based geek-pop artist Meri Amber. Meri talks about her new album, “Origin Story” coming out July 19th, and gives great advice on effective music launches and being your most creative self. Meri also sticks around for another segment for a rapid-fire round of music tips and pop culture questions. She’s an expert on both, so it is a fun and informative listen. Be sure to check out her awesome website www.meriamber.com and follow her on Twitter @meriamber.

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