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BTB Podcast! Episode 101: Starting a music festival, the Rock Star Advocate talks self care and time management

October 1, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: music festivals, rock star advocate, YouTube

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In the first segment, Ryan and Dave answer a MusicpreneurHub question from someone who is interested in starting up a music festival. In the New Music Industry, it is more possible than ever for musicians to start their own festivals. But there are still logistical challenges and Ryan gives some thoughts on how to navigate them. We also do “Music Jerk of the Week” this week.

In the second segment, music industry consultant Suz “The Rock Star Advocate” stops by to give some great tips on time management and self care. To succeed as an indie artist-entrepreneur, managing your time and taking care of yourself is critical. You can find out more about the Rock Star Advocate’s educational programs and consulting services by visiting www.therockstaradvocate.com.

In the third segment, we bring the comedy and pop culture. We talk about the Terminator reboot in Dave’s Movie Minute and we play a round of Delaware Town or Hoser Talk with our new friend, Delaware Dave. He’s really exciting and engaging (but not really…).

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