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BTB Podcast! Episode 120: How to network when you suck at networking; overcoming adversity with Sarah Sharp

February 25, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: copyright, incorporation, networking, sarah sharp, trademark

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This week, Ryan talks about a recent article on building relationships in the music industry by acclaimed publicist Angela Mastrogiacomo. He uses that article to go into a broader discussion about effective networking, and specifically how to do it well even if you are socially awkward and have difficulty approaching people at cocktail parties. You don’t need to be good at small talk to build relationships and network in the music business, and Ryan discusses why that is the case. Tangible tips here! In the second segment, Ryan is joined by the fantastic singer songwriter Sarah Sharp. Ryan talks to Sarah about her creative process and how she has been able to overcome personal tragedy in her career to achieve her dreams. There is something we can all learn from her experience. Find out more about Sarah and check out her latest single “You Don’t Dare” by visiting www.sarahsharp.com. Ryan also answers a listener question this week about setting up the basic infrastructure for your music career.

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