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BTB Podcast! Episode 135: Sony sells Spotify shares; Ilana Broad on GDPR compliance & selecting the right PR agent

June 18, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: GDPR, ilana broad, PR, Sony, Spotify

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This week, Ryan discusses Sony’s sale of part of its stake in Spotify and its decision to share some of the proceeds with its artists. Is Sony being magnanimous, or is there an ulterior motive driving their actions? Ryan discusses the issue and reflects on what this story signifies for the balance of power between labels and artists in the New Music Industry. Ryan also sits down with entertainment lawyer and friend of the Podcast Ilana Broad. Ilana gives some tips on how to keep your mailing lists and websites GDPR compliant. Ryan and Ilana also discuss best practices when selecting a PR agent for your next music release. Be sure to check out Ilana by visiting www.ilanabroadesq.com.

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