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BTB Podcast! Episode 146: Is Taylor Swift leaving her label?; we talk to Gabe Kubanda of the Epic Proportions Tour

September 2, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: big machine, epic proportions tour, gabe kubanda, record labels, taylor swift

This week, we talk about a recent article in Variety about how Taylor Swift’s deal with her label Big Machine is set to expire in November. What will she do next? Re-up with Big Machine? Go to a new label? Or…will she go independent? This is her first opportunity to go her own way since she first signed her deal with Big Machine 13 years ago. Ryan makes the case for why she needs to declare her independence and take her place as a true mogul in the industry.

In the second segment, Ryan sits down with Gabe Kubanda, the Founder of the Epic Proportions Tour. The Epic Proportions Tour is a successful music and education organization that tours high schools around the country performing and teaching music to students. We talk to Gabe about his organization and how musicians can find opportunities performing for high schools (a truly untapped revenue stream). You can find out more about Gabe’s organization by visiting www.epicproportionstour.com.

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