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BTB Podcast! Episode 61: What a Trump presidency means for DIY artists; interview with The Krickets

November 13, 2016 / No Comments / Tags: election, IMAs, the krickets, trump

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In the first segment, Ryan and Dave discuss this week’s election and have a concrete policy discussion on how a Donald Trump presidency could affect indie artists. It is an uncertain political environment, and the future has both positive and negative implications for DIY musicians. How will Trump’s policies affect musicians? Find out!

In the second segment, indie folk band The Krickets stop by. Fresh off a big night at the Independent Music Awards where they won Folk Song of the Year, The Krickets talk with Ryan and Dave. They discuss their big win, working together as a band, and how to make a great album in a top-shelf studio without exhausting your resources. Find out more about this amazing band by visiting www.thekrickets.com and get a hold of their album “Spanish Moss Sirens,” available now!

In the final segment, we bring you the funny. CanaDave stops by to talk to Americans who want to move to his home country. And Metal Dave joins us for “Dave’s Metal Minute.” We could all use a good laugh after this crazy week, and we have plenty of them in this segment.

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