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BTB Podcast! Episode 73: Kesha, Dr. Luke, and 360 Deals; Grammy’s Talk; Interview with Laura Powers

February 13, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: dr luke, grammys, kesha, laura powers

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In the first segment, Ryan gives his thoughts on how to improve the Grammys and gives the latest updates in the Kesha/Dr. Luke case. This leads to a broader discussion about the dangers of 360 provisions in record deals and why it is important for artists do not agree to those sorts of arrangements.

In the second segment, singer/actress/model/author Laura Powers stops by. She talks about her Behind the Music Podcast, tells Ryan’s future (she’s a psychic!), and has a discussion with Ryan about the importance of combining your artistic skills as an artist to create unique content that resonates with your fans. You can find out more about her many amazing projects by visiting www.laurapowers.net.

In the final segment, Ryan previews the first chapter of his upcoming Break the Business Audiobook.

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