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BTB Podcast! Episode 81: TB Ep 81: Getting artists paid on the radio; Jessica Allossery interview; Dave’s Movie Minute

April 9, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: dirty dancing, fair play fair pay act, jessica allossery, promote act

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This week, Ryan and Dave talk about two pieces of legislation that have huge implications for artists and how they get paid. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act and the PROMOTE Act can help artists get paid when their songs are played on the radio. Listen in this week and find out how you can help support these important bills.

in the second segment, indie folk artist Jessica Allossery stops by for an interview. She talks about getting her music on SiriusXM, her recent experience being mistreated by a folk music show, and her upcoming US house concert tour. She gives great advice on how to set up your own house concerts. She is a fantastic artist! Check out her blog at www.thelovelyindie.com.

In the third segment, we do a round of Dave’s Movie Minute and Canada Town or Hoser Talk. Good times had by all!

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