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BTB Podcast! Episode 92: DBAs and fictitious names, Justin Locke interview; Dave’s Metal Minute

July 9, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: DBA, fictitious names, justin locke, metallica

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In the first segment, Ryan and Dave talk about DBAs/fictitious names and why many artists need to register for them in their music career. Important business tips to get your band’s legal and financial house in order. Dave also talks about the Metallica show he attended on Friday in Miami (he’s pretty damn excited bout it).

In the second segment, musician/author/motivational speaker Justin Locke stops by for an interview. Justin played with the Boston Pops as a teenager, has created two musicals, and written five books. He is an insightful expert on fostering creativity and success in artists. You can check out his website and blog at www.justinlocke.com.

In the final segment, Dave and Ryan bring you the Music Jerk of the Week and Dave’s Metal Minute. Dave is always extra feisty after a Metallica show, and you don’t want to miss it.

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