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BTB Podcast! Episode 103: Making the music industry better and safer for women; interview with Cherie Hu

October 16, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: cherie hu, harvey weinstein

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This week, Ryan talks about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and why it is a symptom of a greater problem with the entertainment industry as a whole–a problem to which the music business is definitely not immune. Ryan references past Podcast guests Rorie Kelly and Krista Hartman to discuss the problem and steps that can be taken to make things better for women.

To drill down into this issue further, Ryan sits down with music journalist Cherie Hu (Forbes, Billboard). Cherie recently wrote an article entitled “Unbalancing Act, How Conferences Perpetuate the Music Industry’s Gender Parity Crisis.” Ryan talks to Cherie about her article and also gets her insight on the future of the music industry. Be sure to check out Cherie’s website at www.cheriehu.org, follow her on Twitter @cheriehu42, and subscribe to her weekly newsletter at www.getrevue.co/profile/cheriehu42.

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