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BTB Podcast! Episode 104: Dave’s Last Show; Seven Note Challenge; interview with Joe Wood

October 22, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: joe wood, power, serj tankian, seven note challenge

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In the first segment, Dave announces that he is moving to New Jersey and leaving the Podcast. Our whole Podcast community is crushed, of course, but we are also happy that he has a new job opportunity and we wish him the best of luck on his next adventure. Be sure to let Dave know @MetalDave85 how much you will miss him. Ryan and Dave also discuss Serj Tankian’s “Seven Note Challenge” song contest. The contest has a $5,000 prize to whoever can create the best three-minute song that starts with the seven notes that Tankian provides at his website www.serjtankianchallenge.com. Ryan and Dave discuss why contests like these are valuable and they encourage YOU to submit an entry.

In the second segment, indie pop artist Joe Wood stops by for an interview. Earlier this year, Joe’s life changed in a big way when his song “Rush” was featured on an episode of the hit TV show “Power.” Joe talks about his experience getting his music on the show and how he has overcome adversity trying to make it as an artist in New York City. It is inspiring stuff, and every artist will hear a bit of themselves in Joe’s story. Check out his music at joewoodmusic.com and @joewoodmusic.

In the final segment, we say goodbye to our dear friend Dave with a super-sized “D Block”. We bring back all of your favorite Dave bits and characters. We hear from Dave’s As Yet Untitled Game Show, Dave The Ultimate Arbiter, Metal Dave, Movie Dave, CanaDave, and more. All of your favorites stop by so that we can celebrate Dave and all of his awesomeness. Miss you buddy!

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