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BTB Podcast! Episode 105: Interview with The Glass Child; big changes to Facebook and YouTube for musicians

October 29, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: facebook, serj tankian, seven note challenge, spruke, the glass child, YouTube

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In the first segment, we follow up on our discussion of Serj Tankian’s Seven Note Challenge from last week. Ryan wants to get our community of listeners to enter into this contest and win and is willing to help you however he can. Ryan also talks about friend-of-the-show Bill “Spruke” Boulden’s latest Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming album “Pieces.” Spruke is breaking a lot of conventions we have in the industry about music creation and distribution. There are lessons to be learned from his approach that all artists can implement in their careers. Support Bill’s campaign by visiting www.kickstarter.com/projects/850842…-end-of-america. He’s a part of our community. Show him some love!

In the second segment, The Glass Child, a/k/a Charlotte Erikkson, stops by for an interview. She is a fantastic indie artist originally from Sweden. She provides a lot of insight about running your own record label in our interview. She has an incredible life story that will surely inspire you. Get a copy of her latest EP “Coming Home” and visit her website www.charotteerikkson.com.

In the final segment, Ryan talks about a recent article in Digital Music News “What Facebook Armageddon and YouTube Adpocalypse Taught Me About My Email List.” Ryan uses the article to discus the importance of maintaining your native platforms to achieve career success.

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