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BTB Podcast! Episode 106: BTB Song Contest Announced!; Andrew Apanov on turning your fans into paying fans

November 5, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: andrew apanov, serj tankian, seven note challenge

Hi Podcast listeners! Thanks for downloading. Be sure to get a copy of the Break the Business audiobook, now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!

This week, Ryan formally announces his Break The Business Seven Note Challenge Song Contest. To encourage listeners to enter songs in Serj Tankian’s Seven Note Challenge (www.serjtankianchallenge.com), Ryan is having his own contest. It has the same rules as the Serj Tankian Challenge, but you need to submit your songs to breakthebusiness@gmail.com by December 8, one week before the Serj Tankian Challenge deadline. The Podcast will pick a winner among the entrants from our community of listeners, and that winner will receive over $500 in prizes! The prize package includes music and merchandise from Ryan as well as Podcast guests Ari Herstand, Ariel Hyatt, Meri Amber, Spruke, Verity White, The Rock Star Advocate, and more to be announced. Ryan’s contest is not affiliated with the Serj Tankian Challenge, but he is doing this contest to encourage you to to submit your song for that competition and win the $5,000 grand prize! Do it!!!

This week, Ryan also speaks with the brilliant and knowledgeable Andrew Apanov. Andrew is a musician, podcaster, entrepreneur, and growth expert. He is the creator of the growth training and artist community platform WeSpin, the founder of the music brand service provider Dotted Music, and the host of the Music Growth Talks Podcast. On November 11, he will be hosting a live masterclass on How to Get 100 Paying Fans in 100 days at whiise.me. Be sure to check out his work at musicgrowthtalks.com, dottedmusic.com, and andrewapanov.com. Andrew gives us some great tips this week on growing your music career and monetizing your fan base.

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