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BTB Podcast! Episode 119: Using social media with your live shows; Shawn Yesner on crushing your debt; Parkland

February 18, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: live shows, parkland, shawn yesner, social media, yesner law

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This week, Ryan gives tips on using social media to get more people out to your live shows by discussing a recent article in by Simon Tam in Music Think Tank titled “40 Ways Bands Can Use Social Media To Increase Engagement At Shows”. In the second segment, lawyer and podcaster Shawn Yesner stops by for an interview. Shawn is the host of the Crushing Debt Podcast, a program dedicated to helping people eliminate their debt and secure their financial future. In the interview, Shawn gives some great tips for musicians on how to budget effectively and manage credit card and student loan debt. Find out more about Shawn’s podcast and his legal services by visiting www.yesnerlaw.com. In the final segment, Ryan talks about the recent school shooting in Parkland. It happened close to Ryan’s hometown of Miami and he has some things to say about the event and why musicians need to be part of the solution.

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