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BTB Podcast! Episode 124: Physical outselling downloads?; Angela Soffe on getting back into music after a hiatus

April 1, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: Angela Soffe, CD, RIAA, roseanne, vinyl

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This week, Ryan discusses the RIAA’s 2017 Music Industry Revenue Report. The industry continues to grow, but is it growing in a way that will help indie artists? Ryan breaks down the report, discusses some of its more interesting findings (particularly the rise of physical distribution and the fall of downloads), and talks about what it all means for independent content creators. In the second segment, Ryan interviews singer-songwriter Angela Soffe. Angela’s new album “Second Wind” (which comes out April 6th) is her first album in eight years. The story of how Angela came back to music after an extended hiatus is a powerful one, and all artists can learn from her experience. We all encounter obstacles in creating art, and hearing how Angela has overcome hers will educate and inspire you. Check out Angela’s album by visiting www.angelasoffe.com. In the final segment, Ryan talks a little pop culture, discussing the Roseanne reboot and giving his feelings on Film and TV’s obsession with recycling old stories rather than creating new ones.

NOTE: Ryan will be appearing on a panel at the Miami Entertainment Law Symposium on April 5th and 6th. Visit www.americanbar.org for more information and to find out how to attend. You can check out some interviews that Ryan has conducted for the Symposium by visiting www.miamielsblog.com.

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