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BTB Podcast! Episode 127: Indie artists are growing fast!; Bree Noble talks about her Profitable Musician Summit

April 23, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: bree noble, indie, profitable musician summit

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This week, Ryan discusses findings from a recent study released by Midia Research which noted that unsigned artists only make up 2.7% of global recorded music revenue. Does this mean that it is a bad idea to go indie? Heck no! Ryan breaks down the study and discusses why there has been no better time to take control of your own music career. Music business consultant and radio host Bree Noble stops by in the second segment to talk about her upcoming Profitable Musician Summit and goes over the finer points of cooperative marketing. Find out more about the Summit by visiting www.profitablemusiciansummit.com. Great resources for indie musicians like you!

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