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BTB Podcast! Episode 143: Artists getting just 12% of music biz revenues!; Ariel Hyatt talks about Cyber PR Labs

August 12, 2018 / No Comments / Tags: ariel hyatt, citi, cyber pr, cyber pr labs, record labels

This week, Ryan breaks down the bombshell music industry report from Citi, “Putting the Band Back Together: Remastering the World of Music.” He talks about the report’s conclusion that artists are only capturing 12% of the revenues generated by the music industry and discusses who are the “intermediaries” standing between artists and their fans that are keeping money out of artists’ pockets. You can read the report at citi.us/2KC0gjU.

In the second segment, Ryan sits down with acclaimed publicist Ariel Hyatt. Ryan and Ariel discuss charity/music crowdfunding projects. They also talk about Ariel’s latest initiative, Cyber PR Labs. Cyber PR Labs is a series of masterclasses hosted by Ariel and other prominent music industry thought leaders. Find out more by visiting cyberprmusic.com/cyberpr-labs/.

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