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BTB Podcast! Episode 76: Achieving Success in a Streaming Industry; Rorie Kelly interview; Lessons from La La Land

March 5, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: go girls music, kickstarter, la la land, oscars, patreon, rorie kelly, streaming

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In the first segment, Ryan talks about the Oscars and answers a listener e-mail about whether indie musicians can still achieve success in the age of streaming. Is there still a place for indie artists in the music business when they are only making fractions of a penny per stream? Ryan answers this with an emphatic “yes,” and notes that now has never been a better time to be an indie artist, even with the new challenges presented by changes in technology and the way people consume music.

In the second segment, indie artist and Go Girls Music executive director Rorie Kelly stops by. She discusses the challenges that women face in the music industry and how men can be better allies. She also talks about Go Girls’ upcoming Ladies in the House Online Music Festival. The Festival is currently seeking participants. If you are a female artist or a member of a band with at least one female member, you can sign up by visiting bit.ly/2lFGrg5.

In the final segment, Ryan discusses the movie La La Land and the lessons it imparts to indie artists. It is Ryan’s first week trying to do a full pop culture segment on his own, so be nice!

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