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BTB Podcast! Episode 80: BTB Ep 80: Networking tips; Rory O’Farrell and JP Kallio discuss collaborating on Melosity

April 2, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: jp kallio, melosity, rory o'farrell

Hi Podcast Listeners! Thanks for downloading.

On today’s show, Ryan looks awful.

In the first segment, Dave makes fun of Ryan for being ridiculously jet lagged after Ryan’s trip to China. Dave also discusses his trip to Disney over the weekend. Ryan then discusses a recent article by the Rock Star Advocate about networking and connecting with others in the industry. You can find her article here: www.musicthinktank.com/blog/why-your…you-want.html.

In the second segment, acclaimed indie artist JP Kallio and tech entrepreneur Rory O’Farrell stop by to discuss Rory’s new music platform Melosity. Melosity is a web-based recording platform that allows musicians to collaborate on recording projects from anywhere in the world in real time. JP also provides some tips on how to collaborate with other musicians in your music career. You can find out more about Melosity by visiting www.melosity.com and you can check out JP’s music at jpkalliomusic.com.

In the final segment, Ryan and Dave talk about two stories of schools acting stupidly this past week, and Metal Dave stops by for Dave’s Metal Minute.

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