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BTB Podcast! Episode 88: Using your website to book more gigs; marketing tips; audiobook preview

June 11, 2017 / No Comments / Tags: booking, e-mail lists, website

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This week, Ryan and Dave discuss an article from Bobby Owskinski’s Music 3.0 Blog and a Hypebot article by Ariel Hyatt. The former talks about how you can optimize your website to get more gigs. It is important to make your website useful to venue bookers and agents, and Ryan and Dave have a great discussion on how to do just that. The latter article talks about marketing techniques to boost your e-mail list. Building a e-mail list is critical for indie artists, and on this episode R & D go over some easy-to-implement tips to accomplish that goal. We have plenty of pop culture discussion as well, with Dave giving a review of the new Wonder Woman Movie. The episode also features a preview chapter of Ryan’s upcoming audiobook!

Thank you all very much for listening! Rate/review/subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. Like Break the Business on Facebook. Follow Ryan @ryankair and Dave @metaldave85. And tell a friend about the show! And visit www.breakthebusiness.com to get a copy of Ryan’s Book “Break the Business: Declaring Your Independence and Achieving True Success in the Music Industry.” And be sure to get a copy of the audiobook when it comes out this month.

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